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I can definitely see how this would make people uncomfortable. Nice use of colors and music. Maybe try to be a little more fluid with the animation next time? Maybe try FbF? I'm pretty sure I got the message. Well Done.

UnUnfruitful and Unsatisfacorly poor

Yeah well you got the Elephants, dingy's, and flaccids. One has to balance the three in every movie to make it.

Too many flaccids and you got yourself a problem. The same goes for dingy's and elephants, too many and the whole thing becomes lopsided like a slightly tilted bag, filled to the brim with large lionel trains.

So yeah you work on that sort of shit and you'll be making some top of the line Daytona 500 German stuff. I saw one too many flaccids in this so I had to deduct points.

Just replace each flaccid with a Lionel train next time, same with dingy's and elephants. If you take this advise you'll be flying to the top with Jeff Gordon at the Daytona 500 in no time.


I suppose it was alright. I couldn't tell what kind of train that was. Was that a Lionell or what? I know Lionels are just "toy" trains but I have a model just like the one in your cute little cartoon. They aren't toy's to me though, they are everything. I touch em' all the time and the locomotives just put's shivers down my back and my behind.

The ones I have, have little smoke stacks stickin up out of their trussels and there's this little white smoke comin up on out of it. It's real erotic. Exotic trains are my favorite, and you sir. YOU have aroused me with your cute choo choo trains. Lionels UNITE!

You could have just used some more steam locomotives to give it that extra flare. But it was ok if your a first time Lionell sort of guy. You gotta ease into them. But with time, young man, you can graduate to tens of thousands of Steam Locomotive Lionels.

God Bless young man, and i wish you good fortune, and healthy Lionel Steam Engine Locomotive Turbo Diesels.

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What the FUCK man!?

I can't say I approve of your username. It had me a little flustered for a second. This just makes me downright uncomfortable.

But the game was OK, it wasn't bad. The graphics were pretty good but the game just got kind of repetitive. You get a satisfactory score, and congrats for us both having almost identical usernames!

Grass0 responds:

hahaha My last name is Grasso but it seems you got it first. Maybe we're distant relatives?

Josh Neyhart piece oh shit

You should have put pants on that duck. The split Male/Female Genitalia was just too much for my kids and it got them all confused on what is Right and what ISN'T. It's not fucking right and I'm going to do all I can to get your shit blammed to hell! You're going to pay for this. And your anti-Sonic and anti-Mario symbolism just fried my honey glazed beans because those are the only good games and movies. Oh yeah. YOU FAGGIT RETARTED GAY UN-WHITE PIECE OF SHIT!


really was a super duper gargantuan monkey game. I played it. I give it a 5 and I gave it a 10. 15 awesome points just for you! and yeah, that was me that bumped it up 0.0032 points. No biggie.

Fine plastic rolls and Hut dogs

The Brothers McGredel @Grasso


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